Protect your patients with EHR error detection software

What is Red Flag Diagnostics?

The Future of Healthcare is Error-Free

Incorrect medication recommendations, inappropriate ordering of tests, inaccuracies in patient health records, and improper patient data transfers are just a few of the costly electronic healthcare record errors happening far too often and harming patients.

But there is a solution.

Red Flag Diagnostics is a state-of-the-art software that identifies errors in electronic healthcare record protocols caused by user or system mistakes.

We’ve been helping hospitals successfully detect and resolve errors for over 15 years. And now, with Red Flag, you can too. You can easily test and detect errors in your electronic healthcare record protocols and resolve them before they become harmful and expensive problems.

The future of healthcare is error-free, and Red Flag Diagnostics is leading the way.

How It Works

Test. Detect. Prevent.

We’re revolutionizing how we test, detect, and prevent electronic healthcare record errors.

Red Flag Diagnostics uses cutting-edge technology that combines cutting-edge patient treatment guidelines and protocols databases with advanced machine learning and algorithmic programming to cross-test and thoroughly screen electronic healthcare records for errors.

With remarkable precision, Red Flag’s solution detects user and system errors and guides how to resolve the errors and prevent future occurrences.

About Red Flag Diagnostics

Built for Healthcare Clinics

Red Flag Diagnostics was built for healthcare clinics by healthcare professionals.

Built by healthcare professionals, including the renowned Dr. David Claussen, Red Flag has helped hundreds of inpatient users dramatically reduce their error rates, saving patients and clinics from the pain and cost of these errors.

And now, the power of Red Flag Diagnostics is available to everyone, including inpatient and outpatient facilities.

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Built for Healthcare Clinics

Improve your patient care and safety, and take control of your electronic healthcare records error detection with Red Flag Diagnostics.

The solution is available to any healthcare practice looking to reduce errors and enhance patient care.

Join satisfied healthcare clinics and experience the benefits of error-free healthcare records with Red Flag Diagnostics.

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